League Policies and Rules


Saturday League: Games are 1hr. 20 min. 0-0 count. 2 hit balls (dead ball), into the ceiling, the batter is out (unless hit behind the red ceiling line). The runner (last batted out of the previous inning) starts at 1st base in 3rd inning - 2nd base in 4th inning - 3rd base in the 5th inning; then normal base running. Defense will consist of 8 players only and shall not be permitted to use the CF position to play second base.


Sunday League: Two 50 minute games back to back. 0-0 count. One hit ball (dead ball), into the ceiling, the batter is out. The runner (last batted out of previous inning) starts at 1st base in the 2nd inning, 2nd base in the 3rd inning and 3rd base in the 4th inning; then normal base running. Winner of 1st game stays on field # 1 as home team while the loser moves to field # 2. Winner of field # 2 moves to field # 1 as the visitor and the loser of field # 2 will stay as the home team. Defense will consist of 8 players only and shall not be permitted to use the CF position to play second base.


ID Passes are for Saturday and Sunday only. NO Saturday pass will be used for Sunday and NO Sunday pass will be used for Saturday admissions.


1). Home team listed first on the schedule. Home team is responsible for the score board.

2). Teams must be ready to start at game time, if they are not they will forfeit. Should a team fail to show up or not have enough players to field a team, that team will forfeit their rights to the league and shall be suspended from the league with no refund and replaced promptly.

3). No infield warm ups between innings, pitchers have 2 warm ups or 1 minute only with no throw downs from catchers. No warm ups of any type on the infield area before games or between games. Use of behind base lines and outfield area only for warm ups.

4). Hitting softballs during warm-ups into a net is permitted. HITTING SOFTBALLS INTO ANY FENCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Plastic balls for warm ups are permitted. If swinging a bat during warm ups, every person in that warm up area must wear a helmet for safety.

5). Catching: Both Adult and Youth catchers MUST wear face protection during any and all pitching warm ups inside the Spano Dome, no exceptions.

6). No time outs or conferences are permitted EXCEPT for pitching changes. Coaches must approach the umpire from the back stop and ask for time out. Without going onto the field the coach will make the change as fast as possible with no delay. Any NEW pitcher shall have 3 warm up pitches only. A returning pitcher that has pitched during that same game shall have NO warm up pitches.

7). A batter must be ready to bat 60 seconds after the inning ends, if not the umpire will call a strike every 5 seconds. If the defensive team is not ready the umpire will begin awarding a ball to the batter every 5 seconds. If the catcher was the last at bat or out they have 120 seconds.

8). A continuous batter order of all players on your roster is required. All players must be in the batting order regardless of defensive position. Free substitution on defense at anytime with no delay of game. All players must display a uniform number with no two numbers being the same. Line ups for Sunday league is not required. Once through the order the line up is set. Penalty for out of order is the wrong batter is out and the correct batter shall take their proper position in order.

9). A batted fly ball that hits above the Red/Yellow line around the sides of the field shall be a double to the batter only (not to any runner who may be on base), a batted fly ball below the Red/Yellow line shall be a single to the batter. If runners occupy bases ahead of the batted ball they shall advance as far as the batter/runner pushes them but they may advance at their own jeopardy beyond the safe hit.

10). Dead Ball: A batted ball that hits (in the umpires judgment), any part of the ceiling area inside the flag lines and in front of the red ceiling line will be a dead ball. A batted ball that hits on or past the Red ceiling line shall be played as a live ball as long as it hits fair first. Hitting the score board on field # 2 is a live ball.

11). No protests! Umpires' decisions will be final. "Marked lines" or tagged areas are part of indoor play rules. These "lines" are sometimes a judgment call by the officials and they will be final.

12). Definition of a runner/courtesy runner: "The last completed at bat" or "The last possible, most least likely person that could come to bat that inning". A courtesy runner must replace the catcher with 2 outs. A courtesy runner may replace a pitcher or catcher any time.

13). Situational phase: If a team forgets to place a runner on base during the situational play, they may do so as long as the 1st batter of that inning is still a legal batter and can do so without a delay of game. Once the 1st out has occurred or the 1st batter has reached base safely they lose that option.

14). A team shall consist of 8 players. A minimum team may have only 6 players to avoid a forfeit. This team can borrow needed players from another registered indoor team to avoid taking 1 or 2 outs. Teams may play without taking the outs if both coaches agree before the start of the game. Should a coach not agree the "short", team will take outs in the 7th and 8th batting positions.

15). Legal players: Only rostered players are allowed to participate in League play. Additional players may be added to your roster at a $25.00 per player fee. All rosters are locked upon the final 2 weeks of the season, no additions. Players may be on more than one roster, coaches who have players on multiple rosters must notify the league which roster will be their "home team", if they should play head to head during the schedule.

16). Ending a game: Only completed full innings will count as the final score should time end a game, unless the home team is ahead or tied and at bat. If the home team ties the score and does not complete their at bat but would have won if resorting back to last completed inning, then we will resort back. If not the score will be what it is no matter how many outs if tied. With the sound of the buzzer the game will end unless the ball is live, play will continue until the ball is dead. No team shall record more than 6 runs per ½ innings.

17). Umpires: Should an umpire not show or be late, it's the home teams' responsibility to supply an interim umpire.

18). Expulsion: Abuse by parents, coaches, players and fans can result in expulsion from the program for the entire season. Reinstatement to the program is possible to players and coaches after a two week suspension has been served. Letters sent to the league directors (Chuck Short, Frank Spano), stating why you should be allowed to come back will be required. Parents and fans will not be given this opportunity.

19). NO METAL Cleats.

20). All teams are responsible to clean up their bench area after each game.

21.) If a rule is not covered above, refer to current NSA rule book.

22.) Daily admission charge is $3.00.

23.) Spano Dome was built for en-climate weather. No matter what the weather is outside it will be open.

24.) NO SEEDS of ANY KIND permitted inside the building or TOBACCO PRODUCTS ie; CHEW.

25.) All teams are responsible for first aide items including ICE for player injuries.

26.) Doors open at 7:00am during weekends.