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S. S. I. D. L. - Short-Sanor Indoor League

2595 Pressler Road
Akron, Ohio 44312

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SPANO DOME – Indoor Softball/Baseball Complex

2595 Pressler Road
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Welcome to the SSIDL website

The Short-Sanor Indoor League (SSIDL) is a charitable athletic organization that was founded in spring 2003 by Chuck Short and Jim Sanor. We are dedicated to ensuring equal access to participation and leadership opportunities for all ages of girls involved with girl's fastpitch softball.

100% of the funds raised by the SSIDL are put back into the sport of girl's fastpitch softball. Both Chuck and Jim have been involved for over thirty years in helping young athletes achieve their dreams and goals of playing at a higher level.

The SSIDL has teamed up with Frank and Vito Spano and the Spano Dome, to host indoor leagues for all age groups of fastpitch softball players.

Girl's fastpitch softball has become a highly competitive sport nationwide with some of the best teams in the nation coming from Ohio. In an effort to raise the level of fastpitch softball play in our state and also to help our athletes be recognized by college scouts, we are creating leagues that have strong teams and exceptional individual talent.

Indoor fastpitch softball enables both high school and travel ball players to take their game to the next degree of greatness. This level of play requires a year round commitment by players as well as a large financial commitment from everyone involved with a team. The Spano Brothers have gone to great depths both financially and physically to ensure that today's girls fastpitch softball players have a place to work on their abilities and perfect their skills.

We hope you will stop back often as we plan to post schedules, results, informative softball information etc. We are at the beginning of a new era in girls fast pitch softball.